Tiptop Education Services Inc. has established long-term strategic partnership with various educational organizations in China to recruit and train English language teachers for them. One of the most well-known organizations is Shanghai World Education and Technology Co. LTD. As a listed company, Word Education has more than 60 learning centers, including both kids and adult training programs, located in more than 40 cities around China.

Our Strategic Partners

Shanghai WORLD Education and Technology CO., LTD.
 Shanghai WORLD Education and Technology CO., LTD. is well-known as a high-end adult training organization that provides customized English language training services to adult students. So far there are more than 250,000 students that have realized their English learning goals through World Education. In 2019, there are 50 World English learning centers providing training services in more than 30 cities in mainland China.

The mission of World Education is help more Chinese English learners command English language to realize their dream of success. It dedicates in creating a fun and creative way to help learners deal with learning barriers during their learning process. Each year, thousands of English learners graduate from World Education to become fluent English speakers. 

As part of its corporate culture, World Education places the value of people as its top priority. Students and employees’ interests always come first. As a fast growing corporate, World Education invites people with ambitions to join its big family to create excellence in the industry. 

Bayard English Learning Center 

 Bayard is an English training organization focusing on providing K-12 English training services. Currently, Bayard Learning Center has covered more than 10 provinces as one of the most influential English training brands in China. 

Equipped with the most advanced learning technology and the most qualified teachers, Bayard Learning Centers have established a kids-friendly and supportive learning environment that best fosters children’s language acquisition and development. 

To keep its most competitive edge, Bayard believes in the value of investing in its people. For each employee, Bayard provides the most competitive benefit package in the industry. It welcomes talented teachers from all English-speaking countries to join the company to be part of the excellent team. 

About China
Chinese culture is one of the oldest cultures in the world. Besides its 5000 years of history, China also stands as the third largest country in terms of its size and the largest country in terms of its population. With its diverse landscapes, Chinese culture is also shaped by its physical environments and this makes Chinese subcultures extremely fascinating to explore. 

Holidays in China are the most direct manifestation of Chinese culture. Besides the most important holiday: Chinese New Year (or Spring Festival), people also celebrate Lantern Festival, Tomb-sweeping Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, The Moon Festival, Chinese Valentine’s Day, and Double Ninth Festival. Each one of these holidays has a long history behind it. 

Different foods are associated with different festivals. Visitors from different countries find an amazing abundance of food choices once they begin to explore the local food. Chinese cuisine has evolved over thousands of years, and it is continually being developed and refined. To some degree, it is regarded as a type of art. Its colors, ingredients, nutritional value, presentation, and even the choice of plates are chosen with intention, and each dish is meant to be a work of art. Each region has its own featured dishes and snacks. For many expats in China, travelling and exploring local food has been one of the most appreciated benefits of teaching in China.